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Boat Build: First Sawdust

See the sawdust I’ve bought and shipped the plywood. I’ve procured the epoxy. I’ve set-up my own mini Amazon distribution centre at my office. It’s… Read More

Circuit Boards Arrive

After spending ages going backwards and forwards pouring over different designs they were manufactured and delivered in an amazingly short amount of time. I ordered… Read More

Nighttime Running

I’ve picked up a couple of new locos for the layout. One of which is based on the prototype Regio-Shuttle RS-1 from the City-Bahn… Read More

First Alignment

Just a quick one today. I’ve started laying out track roughly where it will finally go to get a better sense of the layout. Here’s… Read More

Let there be Light

A couple of mini updates on the layout. I went out today and picked up a few more bits for the layout. One of which… Read More

Table Building

Just a short update today with an image of my newly built table for the model railway layout. I went out to pick up the… Read More

LED Signal Control

Part of the development of the model railway is the control and feedback systems. I found lots of people on YouTube designing control boards which… Read More

Model Railway Plans

As part of lockdown self-amusement I’ve decided to build myself a small model railway layout. When I saw small I really do mean quite small. Read More