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Making 麥丁兒

  Google Photos Refresh Token invalid. Please authenticate from Photonic → Authentication.Error encountered during authentication: { "error": "invalid_grant", "error_description": "Bad Request"… Read More

Internet Clock

A fun little mini-project during lockdown. In fact I started on a version 3 years ago using MQTT and Amazon AWS IoT but not much… Read More


Newsmap.JS There once was an old website known as It took news from Google News, sorted it by the number of sources… Read More

Welcome to my Site Have a look at: There are new developments on the SnakeSnacks Page. Head over there to check them out!… Read More

Open Scout Map

A brand new Scout service has been created to help geographically locate all manner of Scout related places. Sometimes it can be more than a… Read More

15th Dover Scouts

Not all of my projects are apps for Android; I also dabble in website design as you may have noticed. Furthermore not all my hobbies… Read More


This is yet another wallpaper app (yes I know. Is another one really needed?). So what are my reasons for writing it? Well mainly I wanted to… Read More

True Binary Clock

This is one of my favourite apps mainly because it involves time and alternative ways of representing it. While binary clocks may well be… Read More


Currently The game is in pre-alpha! Here’s what you can do: Drag your finger around the screen and the snake will follow you! Eat… Read More