By Iain MacDonald 2010-03-06• Android

This is yet another wallpaper app (yes I know. Is another one really needed?). So what are my reasons for writing it? Well mainly I wanted to write a web client using a pre-existing API that did actually have some use. What better then than an app to make use of the excellent wallpaper database at wallbase.net which scrapes them from the mystical 4chan boards. It was either this or yet another generic twitter app and I wasn’t going to do that.

Wallbase.net has options to choose in which board you would like to search; general, animehigh resolution or all three; as well as suitability for use in the workplace. These options are all reflected in the app.

The API is actually not currently public. This means that it changes sometimes and I have noticed a few changes during development which means the app isn’t actually guaranteed to work permanently but I’m usually able to path the app as soon as I notice the API has changed. For this reason and the fact it is generally cobbled together anyway it’s one of those apps which it it breaks you can keep the pieces.

What does it look like?

Well here’s a conveniently placed screenshot:

A screenshot from the unofficial Android client for Wallbase

The app starts by loading two dozen randomly selected (by wallbase) thumbnails for you to peruse over. Scrolling down brings up more and clicking on one downloads the image and automatically changes your wallpaper to it no questions asked. (Did I say it requires Android 2.0?) The design decision behind this was that it was supposed to be a really quick app for getting loads of new wallpapers and even just switching backgrounds with little or no user interaction.

Where’s the link?

So you’re convinced? You can download it now and give it a whirl: Wallbase.apk

Are you someone from Wallbase who doesn’t like this app and its use of your bandwidth?

Shit sorry dudes. But let me know and if it is your wish then the app will be no more!

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