By Iain MacDonald 2009-01-15• Android


The game is in pre-alpha!
Here’s what you can do:

  • Drag your finger around the screen and the snake will follow you!
  • Eat apples which appear at random locations on the screen
  • The number of apples you eat is kept count

Here’s what isn’t finished:

  • You can only die by crashing into walls (You can’t yet die from eating your own tail)
  • There is no menu etc. but you can pause and resume the game
  • Interesting levels…
  • High scores…
  • and other bits

Try it out

Wow finally version 0.11 has been released… OK yes there isn’t much to it and it is very limited as described above but check it out! The APK is available for download. If at any point (mainly when starting) something funny is going on or there isn’t actually an apple on screen just hit menu restart as many times as you need to.


Please send your comments to (for the time being) Image. There will be a comments form shortly but for now you can just email me.

Change Log v0.11

  • Changed to portait mode only
  • Fixed few visual bugs

Change Log v0.1 (All of what’s actually in it)

  • Splash screen to fake loading time impression
  • Background (One for each Portrait and Landscape)
  • Snake head which follows your finger at constant speed with appropriate rotation
  • Snake body with nice ‘snake’ pattern (I think it works quite well)
  • Score on screen
  • Sound – Background music and a chomping sound – which help with the overall feeling…
  • Context menu with start, pause, resume and restart

TODO: (Imminent things which need to be done and big bugs)

  • Sort out menu screen so start of game is actually a pleasurable experience
  • Sort out performance issues with long tail – there must be methods for manipulating drawing paths, at the moment every single frame (almost) the entire path is copied from an array which is also copied to itself in its entirety after modification. Although might not be such a big problem if the tail doesn’t grow too long with progressing to new levels and ‘magic gold balls’ etc.
  • Sort out application life cycle – i.e. When quitting the application or going to other apps then returning – as well as just opening and closing the keyboard
  • Sort out score graphics and possibly time limit graphic bar etc.
  • Make snake die from eating himself!!! – Probably quite major!
  • Limit the snake’s turning circle – At the moment he can actually just double back on himself


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