By Iain MacDonald 2008-11-18• Android

This is an app built for android to allow followers of non-league football teams to keep up to date with their team’s matches whether they can make it to the game or not. The site’s home page is it also has a google code page at

User Orientated

The user is the key to up-to-the-minute information so information is gathered from those users who manage to attend matches. These users carry the app with them and add goals as soon as the happen to inform every other fan of the event. Users are ranked by their performance in accurate and swift reporting to maintain a healthy community.


Currently the interface looks like this:


The service also defines an XML format for transmitting the data efficiently.

This is an example of a result from a query to

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<footballtracker version="1" xmlns=""
 <request value="team" timestamp="1263250606">
   <restriction type="select" value="name,shortname,nickname,logo_small,logo,logo_big" />
   <restriction type="limit" value="3" />
  <result count="3">
   <team uuid="urn:uuid:7d2a3458-796c-05e8-7b8d-7bdeaf9d8788">
    <name>AFC Hornchurch</name>
   <team uuid="urn:uuid:6e193522-67f0-15f3-937b-06d54b376ac0">
    <name>AFC Wimbledon</name>
   <team uuid="urn:uuid:275a42fa-2dc7-e2b0-80ab-b3ea6176b293">
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