MTR Future System Map

By Iain MacDonald 2016-07-03• Hong Kong MTR

Some of you know I’ve been working on this for a while. It took quite a lot of research and a surprising amount of it comes from real proposals. Much of it is still entirely fictitious and unlikely to ever be built but here is my MTR Future System Map.

The project started when I began to wonder what the MTR map will look like later this year when the new lines are due to open. I couldn’t find an official source but I did find many speculative maps. I was intrigued by these and started reading into the many different proposals which had been put forward.

I found one particular map, only identified as being made by KJ9384LC, which collected many of these proposals together but in best copy of it I could find, the resolution was terrible. Since I’ve always secretly wanted to make a metro map I thought this would be my opportunity to make one from scratch taking the general idea from the KJ9384LC map, but updating it with the latest proposals and current developments. I also made a few changes of my own.

So here is my version of what the possible future MTR map could look like a long time down the line. I’ve uploaded it in a nice high resolution but for more detail I’m also providing a nice crisp PDF so you can see all the detail you could ever want.

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