Ma On Shan Line

By Iain MacDonald 2014-06-30• Hong Kong MTR

The first line I attempted of my MTR Challenge was the Ma On Shan Line. It goes between the terminus at one end Tai Wai and Wu Kai Sha at the other end. There are only 9 stations on this line and it hugs the coast next to Sha Tin Hoi (Tide Cove) so I thought this would be a good line to start with.

A map of the stations along the route.
A map of the stations along the route.

I started in the early afternoon of Monday, 30th June 3014 from Tai Wai station heading to each station, taking a selfie in front of the station name before continuing on my journey.

The total distance was only 15.6 km but it took me 1 hour 36 minutes to complete the line having to first find the way into each station and then take the required picture. This was the first unexpected hurdle – I had thought finding each station by road would be a lot easier than it turned out to be. Some station entrances were inside shopping centres so having to navigate escalators ond shoppers to find the station entrance was less than ideal.

Here are the photos I took at each station.

After I completed the MTR line I headed home, below is a map of the route I took that day. In total I cycled 45.6 km taking 2 hours 17 minutes to do it. You can view the whole ride on Strava.

The next line was the West Rail Line.

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