Kwun Tong Line & Tseung Kwan O Line

By Iain MacDonald 2014-07-19• Hong Kong MTR

The third line I attempted was the Kwun Tong Line. It starts at busy Ya Ma Tei and heads up the very hectic Nathan Road before heading around the top edge of Kowloon towards Kwun Tong and Tiu Keng Leng which is the end of the line.

Kwun Tong Line

This line line took me to quite a few places I hadn’t been to before so that was nice. It did however bring the usual problems of taking quite a long time to find the stations going backwards and forwards a couple of times. Here are the photos to show for it.

At the end though I felt quite good, and looking at the map I could see that the Tseung Kwan O Line was inviting me too. So I took the opportunity and headed off towards LOHAS Park.

Tseung Kwan O Line

I was again hindered by a lack of direction and it took longer than expected to get to LOHAS Park and then back up to Po Lam before heading back down. By the time I got to Yau Tong it was already dark and my phone was running very low on battery. In keeping with my rule of not actually using the MTR system I had to use the ferry to cross to the island to complete my journey. As I said it was later than I expected and I wasn’t sure if the ferry would still be running. It was quite a task to try and track down where the ferry landed but I eventually found it. I discovered I would only have a reasonably short wait for the next of the crossings which were still running about once every hour.

The situation with my phone was getting desperate however. I needed it to record my journey and get proof I’d made it to each station. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Shortly after reaching Sai Wan Ho on Hong Kong Island my phone gave up. I was now tasked with tying to get to the last two stations without the aid of the digital maps which had been helping me all day. I also wouldn’t be able to take pictures once I got to the stations, but I figured I could justify that as I would need to return to the island for the Island Line later anyway. (I included the photos of the last two stations I took on the trip afterwards in the gallery above.)

I eventually found my way to the last two stations after a couple of false starts, heading in the wrong direction and stumbling upon another station to try and find a route map. Once I had got to North Point, the final stop of the day, I checked to see if the ferry was still running towards home – alas it was not. So back to the MTR station to start a short but tired journey returning to my flat.

  • 59.1km
  • 3:35:42
    Moving Time
  • 1,558m

The previous line was the West Rail Line, the one after this was the Island Line and if you haven’t already have a look at my inspiration for this MTR Cycling Challenge.

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