Island Line

By Iain MacDonald 2014-07-26• Hong Kong MTR

The first time I had cycled on the Island was at the end of the previous MTR challenge day. It wasn’t very successful since I had no way of recording my achievement but I carried on to Shau Kei Wan nonetheless before calling it a day and returning to Sai Wan Ho in search of some much needed nourishment.

This time I was a lot more confident of success given that it was the start of a bright new day. The line goes all the way from Chai Wan in the east to Sheung Wan in the west.

Island Line

The first stops of the day were to get the last two pictures from the Tseung Kwan O Line. After that was taken care of I headed over the hill to Chai Wan. Again I wasn’t too sure where I was going and had to turn around a couple of times but I made it.

This aside, after finally getting to my starting point of Chai Wan I started the journey all the way back along the line to Sheung Wan.

When I got to Heng Fa Chuen just after starting, however, I felt that I was in quite a strange place. This quiet estate was actually the furthest west I got and even had to pass the Chai Wan station on the way back again due to the nature of the route taken by the road versus that of the rail line. It seemed very quiet there, almost eerie, very different from every other bustling place in Hong Kong. There weren’t very many other hold-ups though and I managed to make good time and get to the end of the line quite early. It was an extremely hot day, though, so I was glad of the rest.

The route was pretty uneventful, except as I mentioned, a couple of wrong turns.

  • 36.2km
  • 2:16:29
    Moving Time
  • 1,152m


Island Route

The previous line was the Tseung Kwan O Line, the one after this was the Tung Chung Line and if you haven’t already, take a look at my inspiration for the MTR Cycling Challenge.

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