Tung Chung Line & Airport Express

By Iain MacDonald 2014-08-02• Hong Kong MTR

The next line to conquer was actually three! I’ll show you the route map to explain why I did these together. The Airport Express line travels alongside the Tung Chung Line for its entire length bar the last section where the lines diverge towards their respective destinations. For this reason I decided to do them together as I felt it wouldn’t break the spirit of the rules. Of course there’s also the Disneyland Resort Line which is a branch line from Sunny Bay – so I included that at the same time. Tung Chung Line

I started the day by getting the ferry to the Island (North Point) then cycling along to Central and Hong Kong Station. After descending into the depths of the building, trying and failing to find a familiar station sign I settled for the photo of the platform and headed back out nice and swiftly. I proceeded along to Wan Chai since the Star Ferry from Central doesn’t take bikes and made my way back to Kowloon and appropriately enough Kowloon Station. I then made my way up the coast and along some very busy roads next to Li Ka Shing‘s conainter port.

I always knew doing these lines would bring a problem that would be very difficult to avoid. There is no way to get on to Lantau Island without going across (admittedly, a very impressive) bridge which carries an express way – a definite no go for bicycles. I wasn’t even supposed to get to Tsing Yi but had already crossed that bridge. There was, however, no way to get to Lantau by bike. A ferry does run to Lantau but catching it would have meant cycling from Tsing Yi all the way back to Central (20 km and well over an hour, including an additional ferry), then getting a ferry to Mui Wo, then facing another 30km ride with around 700 metres of climbing to get back to Sunny Bay, before continuing the rest of the the three lines. This of course wasn’t practical, so I broke my rule and go the MTR between Tsing Yi and Sunny Bay.

I did, however, make a very serious and quite silly error all on my own. My mistake was thinking that the Airport Express goes to the airport. However, if you check the route map at the top of the page, it actually goes one more stop to Asia World-Expo. I would need to return on a later date to get the photo from there.

The route is split in the middle where I got on the train, so part 1 and part 2 are separate on Strava.

Tung Chung Route

The previous line was the Island Line, the one after this was the Tsuen Wan Line and if you haven’t already, take a look at my inspiration for the MTR Cycling Challenge.

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