Tuen Ma Line Phase 1

By Iain MacDonald 2020-02-14• Hong Kong MTR

The latest entry in the Cycle the MTR series is, at least from MTRC’s point of view, a little unplanned. The MTR Corporation intended to build a section of track between Hung Hom and Tai Wai along with necessary station upgrades to link up the West Rail Line and the Ma On Shan Line. This would create a mega line travelling from the East to the West of the city known as the Tuen Ma Line to the MTRC or East West Corridor on my MTR Future System Map.

Unfortunately they had some issues with the construction around Hung Hom station delaying the project. The sections of track and station upgrades from Tai Wai to Kai Tak however were complete so it was decided to open in phases. The first phase includes the Ma On Shan Line to Tai Wai then the new station at Hin Keng, the upgraded Diamond Hill station, and the new station at Kai Tak on the site of the old airport. What this means of course is that this post could arguably be titled Ma On Shan Line: Revisited.

The ride started by going along a newly opened road cutting straight through the middle of what was once the airport apron. Either side of the road currently are huge construction projects building of course many new apartment blocks but also a large sports complex which will include a large outdoor stadium for football/rugby as well as a separate athletics arena. There will also be an indoor sports centre for things like basketball, badminton and tennis. Another interesting project in the area (although I didn’t pass it today) is the construction of a monorail to take people from one side of the redeveloped site to the other and across the bay linking up three MTR stations via intermediate stops upon completion.

After ticking off the the first new station it was a quick trip to the next existing station and then over the hill and double back a short distance to reach the second new station. Pictures secured I headed on to complete the rest of the stations in the order I’d completed them previously. The only minor hiccup was the puncture I secured moments after leaving Tai Wai station. Having rectified the problem I continued onward to Wu Kai Sha and then round past Sai Kung village and back over the hill home. Like other recent rides this was much easier than the first attempt owing to enhanced knowledge of the road network. I did however have a little trouble around Tai Shui Hang with an awkward road junction but managed to find my way in eventually.

Stats for the ride were:
66.9 km
5 hours 14 minutes elapsed (3 hours 55 minutes moving)
17.1 km/h
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